Wellness On The Green Pole Dance Classes

NJ Pole Dance Class ~ NJ Pole Dancing Class ~ Pole Dance NJ ~ Pole Dancing NJ
NJ Pole Dance Class ~ NJ Pole Dancing Class ~ Pole Dance NJ ~ Pole Dancing NJ

Take fitness to a new level with pole dancing!

Lose weight (400-1000 calories per hour!!!), improve body awareness, increase your strength, flexibility and confidence. Tone up your whole body giving beautiful definition to your arms, thighs, abs and shoulders. Release your inner diva, and have fun in our Pole Dance classes!

Drop-ins welcome for all our Morristown NJ Pole Dance Classes - there's no need to sign up or register, try any class anytime! All of our classes are $20 for a drop in, $75 for a package of 4 classes or $130 for a package of 8 classes. Pay the instructor when you get to class with cash or a check, or click here to register online or pay the drop-in fee with a credit card. We also offer an unlimited monthly classes membership for $150.

Pole Dance Class Descriptions

Intro To Pole Dance

For first time pole dancers, super beginners and those who want to start getting in shape or just have fun! In our Intro To Pole Dance class students will learn the fundamentals of pole dancing including walks, beginner spins, transitions and basic dance moves. No inverts, climbing or floorwork is taught in this class. Moves are broken down and students are given plenty of time to learn and perfect them. We recommend taking this class at least 1-2 times before moving on to Level 1. Attire: Sports bra, tank top or t shirt with shorts or comfortable workout pants. Shorts are NOT needed nor are they required for Intro To Pole Dance class, and this class dances barefoot.

Pole Dance Level 1

For pole dance beginners and those who want to perfect their moves! Learn all the spins (view the video below in which instructor Hannah demonstrates some beginner spins that you will learn in class). Learn floorwork, transitions, combinations and beginner routines. Learn how to climb the pole, execute beginner pole tricks and do the basic invert. This class also incorporates some strength training and flexibility exercises. Attire: Sports bra, tank top or t shirt. Shorts are required, booty shorts are preferable (you will need your upper inner thigh skin to be exposed). Most students dance barefoot. We recommend you take 1-2 Intro classes (or have taken pole dance at another studio) before joining this class.

Pole Dance Level 2

Ready to go upside down? Go beyond the basic invert and learn more advanced combinations, routines & tricks. Students should be comfortable with climbing the pole and doing the basic invert before taking this class. Attire: Sports bra or tank top. Shorts are required. Booty shorts with a sports bra is preferable but not required (you will need your upper inner thigh skin to be exposed, and it helps to have your waist/stomach skin exposed as well). Most students dance barefoot.

Pole Dance & Aerial Fitness

Get toned and fit to make those pole & silks moves easier! We'll work out your core, arms and legs while using the pole and silks as our fitness aid. Whether you want to make inverts easier or just want to tone up this class is for you. All fitness levels welcome. Please bring in a resistance band or two and some light weights if you have them (some will be provided if you don't have any). This class is great for pole dancers and aerial silks students.

Open Pole Dance & Aerial Practice

Join us for our open pole dance practice session or "play time". This class is moderated but not formally taught. A pole dance / aerial instructor will be there to help you and answer any questions you may have. Practice your skills, work on your routines, or just play & have fun!

What To Wear & What To Bring To Pole Dance Class

Be sure to thoroughly clean your hands and legs before class to get rid of any lotion or lotion residue that may be on there!!! Having lotion on will not only make your pole too slippery to hold but will ruin the pole for anyone else who may be sharing with you. Please do not wear any bracelets, watches or rings and they will get scratched and will scratch our poles.

Comfortable workout clothing is advisable. Wear shorts if possible, but shorts are not required for the Intro classes. Heels are not recommended - most students dance barefoot - and heels are not allowed in the Intro classes. Some instructors use yoga mats. You may bring your own yoga mat, and bring your own towel & rubbing alcohol to clean the poles with if you prefer. Yoga mats are available to borrow.